Sunday, 15 December 2013


Although nobody commented for questions, I got questions elsewhere.

Questions about me

How old are you?
1,000,00 don't tell the internet how old you are..Well that's according to kids online virtual worlds these days that have actually been conquered by pedophiles.

Whats your real name?
As i did say I won't mention yet might take me like 3-4 years to give out personal information.

Where do you live?
The galaxy.

Any famous people that are like you?
I am unique.Everybody is different. And I'm not like anyone. And nobody is like me. People will be similar, but never the same.

What is your dream?
To either become a YouTuber or I have at least 1 blog subscriber.

Questions about Beauty, fashion and makeup

Would you consider yourself a fashionesta? (Google take that red line of it's a damn word, the oxford dictionary knows better than you)
Not really. I'm more of the tomboy side.

Do you wear makeup?
No. All about inner beauty not outer.

Whats your style?

I need a outfit  for a formal event, please give my one?
Wear a animal Onesie (Unicorn would be perfect, is it a animal?) with a green wig. You'll wow everyone.

Are you ugly, beautiful or average?

Questions about my blog

When did you start?
Quiet recently. 11th of December 2013..

Does it frustrate you when nobody looks at your blog?
Not really cause the only reason I created it was for fun, and if people like it or not I don't mind.

How did you make your template?
That's too long to explain sorry..

What is your blog about?
Random. And that is my name.

Why did you remove the navigator at the top of your blog?
So people read my blog I have forced them!

If you have any other questions comment and I might reply. I said MIGHT..