Saturday, 8 February 2014



If you haven't seen yet i'm doing a competition. I'll be giving custom blog templates of my own. :-D

On my Google+ page and Google+ community I said:

" ************CONTEST************

I'll be giving a blogger template to the winner.
All you need to do is:

- Follow my blog
 ( )
-Answer the following questions

What am i like ?

a.) Barbie
b.) Indie
c.) goth
d.) Tomboy
e.) weird
f.) none


a.) Unicorns
b.) Yum
c.) what the...
d.) #yolo
e.) Hi
f.) KING


a.) Cool
b.) bye 
c.) :(
d.) xD
e.) ROFL

************TERMS AND CONIDTIONS************

- You need a blogger blog unless you just want the background pictures
- answer 3 questions are i'll kill you :D"

so get commenting ....... i never get comments... I don't care xD 

I'll be giving blog templates every now and then so make sure you check my google+ page :D

plus page--here plus community--here

I'll contact the winner with Google+ privately ( I have my own reasons why i can only use G+ so please don't judge.) 

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