Thursday, 12 December 2013

Google+ page, Contact update and a note.

Hey katchies!
If you'd like to keep up to date I now have a Google plus page that I will link.
Yes and it won't be long until you can contact me so keep up to date and find out when you can!Something else I'd like to mention is that people keep ignoring my blog which is a bit heartbreaking.. But I don't mind that much. The only reason I made this blog is find out other peoples blogs which might be more fascinating. But it looks like people just click next blog without reading. I know i am a newbie but I understand it takes time. But even if there's 1 person that will ever like this blog. I'll still blog. no-matter what.
And if you took the not as a bit of a insult, I am deeply sorry for insulting you.
I know there's someone out there, just need some time to come out the bush.
Yup and better stop saying katchies since i don't have any

Click here for the Google+ page